Organic Sauerkraut with Carrots


It took over a year of experiments and testing recipes but now we can offer you the most delicious-tasting sauerkraut available on the market.
It is also the most versatile variety which can go with just about anything.

Organic Sauerkraut with Carrots has a refreshing, clean zing of taste
which really compliments strong-tasting foods and red meats
but is also great on its own.

It is an ideal ingredient for your salads, as the natural vinaigrette flavour will add that extra touch of taste to your leafy greens.


Precious ingredients Organic Sauerkraut with Carrots has an abundance of:

√  Vitamin A          √  Vitamin C        √  Vitamin K

√  Vitamin B6        √  Vitamin B9      √  Dietary Fibre

√  Potassium        √  Calcium            √  Phosphorus

√  Probiotic bacteria


In addition, Sauerkraut:

√  Promotes healthy gut flora and may increase the absorption of mood-regulating minerals from your diet

√  Reduces the risk of depression and Alzheimer’s

√  Helps to absorb more nutrients from your meals

√  Boost your immune system by supporting natural antibodies and reducing the risk of infections

√  Can reduce the risk of obesity and aid weight loss

√  Help reduce stress and maintain brain health

√  Contains compounds that may help prevent cancer cells from developing and spreading

√  May contribute to lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure and lower risk of heart disease

√  Promotes healthier, stronger bones


Enjoy eating with:

Potatoes and other vegetable recipes Meats – especially roasted Yellow cheese Salads Sandwiches Tortillas
and many more!


Please keep all unpasteurized products refrigerated at all times!
Once opened consume within 2 weeks.


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