Organic Pickled Beetroot


The raw Organic Pickled Beetroot has been created using the long lost art of fermentation and the benefits of probiotic bacteria.

Beetroot is naturally a bomb of vitamins, microelements and other valuable substances.
The natural fermentation process helps to increase their bioavailability, creating a perfect,
healthy and tasty accompaniment to your meals or salads at any time.


Precious ingredients Organic Pickled Beetroot has an abundance of:

√  Dietary fibre       √  Vitamin A           √  Vitamin B1

√  Vitamin B2         √  Vitamin B4         √  Vitamin B6

√  Vitamin B9         √  Vitamin B12       √  Vitamin C

√  Iron                      √  Potassium         √  Magnesium

√  Calcium              √  Phosphorus       √  Copper

√  Anthocyanins    √  Probiotic bacteria


In addition, Beetroot:

√  Is fungicidal, bactericidal and known for preventing osteoporosis

√  Soothes sleep problems and protects the body from fatigue

√  Is used in anticancer prophylaxis – significant effect in blocking the development of cancer cells

√  Has a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases, e.g. by effectively lowering blood pressure

√  Helps in the treatment of anaemia due to the high content of easily absorbable iron

√  Regulates the liver and protects it from toxins

√  Helps with gall bladder problems, relieves stomach ulcers and haemorrhoids

√  Fights heartburn and hyperacidity of the stomach

√  Regulates digestion and is recommended for most intestinal diseases


Beetroot is a great vegetable for weight loss due to its low calorie but high fibre content.
Beets cleanse the body, support the reduction of body fat and cause a long-lasting feeling of satiety.


Enjoy eating  with:

Potatoes and other vegetable recipes Meats – especially roasted Yellow cheese Salads Sandwiches Tortillas
and many more!


Please keep all unpasteurized products refrigerated at all times!
Once opened consume within 2 weeks.


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