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Daikon Radish

According to an old Chinese proverb “Eating pungent radish and drinking hot tea let the starved doctors beg on their knees”. One of the world’s most nutritious, low-calorie veggies, Daikon Radish is incredibly powerful, so there probably is some truth to this saying.

Fresh Daikon Radish has an abundance of goodness for the body and mind including:

√ Vitamin C

√ Potassium

√  Phosphorus

√  Several beneficial enzymes that aid in digestion

√  Phytonutrients that help to fight against cancer


The benefits of daikon radish for your health and wellbeing include:

√  Promotes digestive health – facilitate better digestion of fats, complex carbs and proteins, thereby preventing constipation and increasing nutrient uptake

√  Assists in detoxification – prevents excess water retention, helping the kidneys to stay clean

√  Potential cancer-preventive properties – antioxidant phenolic compounds in daikon may help reduce certain types of cancer

√  Bolsters your immunity – vitamin C in daikon stimulates white blood cell production, allowing for the repair and healing in your body to speed up

√  Alleviates inflammation – can help decrease inflammation throughout your system, which may lead to a healthier heart, lower gout and arthritis risk and reduced pain from injuries and muscle cramping

√  Promotes bone and skin health – may be helpful in preventing osteoporosis due to high calcium content

√  Is an antioxidant – may help prevent wrinkles, increase circulation and even reduce the appearance of blemishes and age spots

√  Assists with weight management – Being low-calorie and low-cholesterol but high in fibre and many other nutrients, Daikon is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy body weight

√  Improves digestion – thanks to its enzymes helps relieve indigestion, heartburn and may even curb hangovers

√  May help improve blood circulation and prevent clots thanks to isothiocyanates

√  Alleviates respiratory issues – help clear out excess phlegm and eliminate bacteria and other pathogens from your respiratory tract



Ginger has an abundance of goodness for the body including:

  • Has broad-spectrum of:

√  Antibacterial

√  Antiviral

√  Antioxidant

√  Anti-parasitic properties

  • It is a rich source of:

√  Gingerols

√  Shogaols

√  Zingerones

  • Has more than 40 pharmacological actions making it valuable for:

√  Pain relief for joint pain

√  Menstrual pain

√  Headaches


How ginger benefits your health and wellbeing:

√  Is metabolism-boosting (thermogenic) with beneficial impacts on fat storage and overall metabolism rate

√  Relieves arthritis and arthritis pain as well as Indomethacin, commonly used anti-inflammatory drug

√  Reduces damage and memory loss associated with a small stroke

√  Effective as Ibuprofen in relieving pain from menstrual cramps

√  Useful both preventively and therapeutically for diabetes via effects on insulin release and action and improved carbohydrate and lipid metabolism

√  Strong protective effect against diabetes complications, including offering protection to the diabetic’s liver, kidneys, central nervous system, and eyes

√  Reduces nausea and vomiting in pregnant women

√  Reduces vomiting and other symptoms of motion sickness

√  Strong antispasmodic agent – stimulating the emptying of your stomach and intestinal tract without any negative effects


Further benefits of ginger include:

√  Anti-Inflammatory Properties that may rival Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), therefore it is highly beneficial for many chronic inflammatory diseases.

√  Anti-tumour healing that may help defeat difficult-to-treat types of cancer, including lung, ovarian, colon, breast, skin, and pancreatic

√  Thought to help the body to fight diabetes & non-alcoholic fatty liver disease,

√  Aids prevention of bacterial and fungal infections

√  Enhances bronchodilation – so it can provide a complementary or safer alternative to current asthma medications

√  Inhibits H. pylori; protects gastric mucosa and may, therefore, help prevent ulcers


Ginger is a metabolism-boosting spice that may temporarily increase thermogenesis in your body.
It means that your body will burn fat stores to create heat which is highly beneficial for metabolism and reduces overall fat storage.
It may even help counteract the decrease in metabolic rate that often occurs during weight loss.


Enjoy eating with:

Potato and other vegetable dishes        Meats – especially roasted         Cheese        Salads        Sandwiches       Tortillas        and many more!


Please keep all unpasteurized products refrigerated at all times!
Once opened consume within 2 weeks.


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