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bursting with delicious oriental flavours highlighted by sweet, fresh carrot.
A favourite both on its own or as a flavourful accompaniment to any meal.


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Mustard seeds

A heritage ingredient in Chinese medicine, mustard seeds are packed with healing properties that include: aiding blood flow and reducing inflammation.


Mustard seeds have an abundance of goodness for the body and wellbeing:

√  Glucosinolate – converted in your body into isothiocyanates that have strong anti-cancer properties

√  Hydroxycinnamic acid that is proven to effectively combat multiple-drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis and inhibit human lung adenocarcinoma cells

√  Quercetin – an important antioxidant

√  Isorhamnetin – validated to induce apoptosis (cell death) in certain cancer cells as well as being particularly beneficial for inflammatory skin conditions

√  Kaempferol – a natural flavonol which has anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective effects

√  Phosphorous

√  Iron

√  Calcium

√  Zinc

√  Magnesium

√  Manganese


The benefits of mustard seeds for your health and wellbeing include:

√  Abscesses

√  Bronchitis

√  Asthma

√  Colds

√  Rheumatism

√  Toothaches

√  Aches and pains

√  Bladder inflammation

√  Ulcers and various gastrointestinal ailments

Mustard seeds protect against cancer by supporting your body’s phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification systems.


An aromatic plant growing in the sunny climates of the Mediterranean and western Asia that is also known as Cilantro. This fragrant herb has a multitude of benefits for the body and is particularly impressive in supporting gut health.

Fresh coriander has an abundance of goodness for the body including:

√  Beta-carotene

√  Beta-cryptoxanthin

√  Lutein

√  Zeaxanthin

√  Linalool

√  Fibre

√  Manganese

√  Iron

√  Magnesium

√  Vitamin C

√  Vitamin K

√  High-quality protein


The benefits of coriander for your health and wellbeing include:

√  Reduces gas in the stomach and intestines

√  Stimulates digestion and treats stomach spasms

√  Powerful cellular antioxidant properties

√  Treats chest pain and coughs

√  Aids mild anxiety and insomnia


Healing properties include:

√  Antioxidant

√  Antimicrobial

√  Hypoglycaemic

√  Hypolipidemic

√  Anxiolytic

√  Analgesic

√  Anti-inflammatory

√  Anticonvulsant

√  Anti-cancer properties


Research has also linked coriander seeds to:

√  Reduced insulin resistance

√  Decreased blood sugar

√  Lower cholesterol levels

√  Lower triglycerides

√  Increased HDL (“good”) cholesterol

√  Better heart health

Coriander significantly reduces the formation of cancerous cooking by-products (Heterocyclic amines)
which are formed when food is treated with high temperatures.

Eating coriander seeds is often promoted as a way of removing toxic and heavy metals from your body (including mercury)
as well as hindering heavy metals’ absorption.



Ginger has an abundance of beneficial properties for the body including:

√  Antibacterial

√  Antiviral

√  Antioxidant

√  Anti-parasitic


The benefits of ginger include:

√  Rich source of antioxidants including Gingerols, Shogaols & Zingerones

√  Metabolism-boosting (thermogenic) – has a beneficial impact on fat storage and overall metabolism

√  Relieves arthritis and arthritic pain – as effectively as Indomethacin

√  Reduces damage and memory loss associated with small strokes

√  As effective as Ibuprofen in relieving pain from menstrual cramps

√ Preventative and therapeutic properties for diabetes via its positive effects on insulin release and action

√  Strong protective effect against diabetes complications

√  Reduces nausea and vomiting in pregnant women and symptoms of motion sickness

√  An antispasmodic agent – stimulating the emptying of your stomach and intestinal tract

√  Strong anti-inflammatory that may rival Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

√  Has anti-tumour properties that may help defeat difficult-to-treat types of cancer

√  Helps to fight bacterial and fungal infections


Enjoy eating with:

Seafood      Soups and broths       Cheese      Fish       Salads        Sandwiches       and many more!


Please keep all unpasteurized products refrigerated at all times!
Once opened consume within 2 weeks.


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