Our range of flavoursome range of probiotic and organic health foods are specially created to help you to build a strong immune system and maintain a healthy gut.

All of our foods are packed with the best superfoods, vegetables and flavours from all over the globe. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its healing and enriching properties for the gut.

So many of us have yet to realise the powerful effect that the condition of our gut has on our immunity system as well as our general health  and wellbeing.

Use our tasty fermented condiments, flavourful wholegrains and rejuvenating natural supplements to keep your levels of good bacteria and immunity strong.

Packed with vegetables, superfoods, vitamins, minerals & enzymes our healthy foods are ideal for: vegans, vegetarians, paleo diets, raw-food diets and those looking to improve gut-health, immunity levels or general health and wellbeing.   …More

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