Probiotic and organic vegan health foods to boost your immune system and gut health. Nutritious condiments, wholegrains and supplements to transform your health and wellbeing.

Why probiotics are good for your health

Wondering how probiotics can help you?
Did you know that your gut is known as the second brain? Or that your gut contains 100 million neurons and trillions of good bacteria that affect every part of your health and wellbeing?
Your gut is the hub of your immune system – the place where your ability to fight infection and disease is decided. Our probiotic vegan sauces, dressings, wholegrains and supplements help to ensure that your gut, digestive network and immune system get all of the nutrients that they need – a powerful way to enhance your general health and wellbeing.

Why Best Immune Probiotic Vegan Foods?

  • Delicious condiments: Our scrumptious probiotic condiments are packed with tasty combinations of nutritious vegetables, rejuvenating spices, powerful superfoods and mouthwatering flavours from around the world. From flavourful sauerkraut to spicy kimchi, we use the most traditional and natural methods to create healthy, handcrafted fermented sauces and dressings that make healthy eating easy.
  • Organic wholegrains: Our organic wholegrains help to ensure that your body gets all of the nourishing fibres that it needs.
  • Natural supplements: Our natural supplements aid you in your quest to consume a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that your body requires on a daily basis for good health.
  • All-day nutrition: Our complete range of healthy vegan foods provide the range of nutritional support that you need for good gut health and a stronger immune system. Use them to spice up snacks, meals or as a quick treat on their own. An easy way to ensure that you get your daily intake of goodness in the most appetising way.
  • Completely organic: All of our ingredients are clean. Raw, organic ingredients, free from pesticide residues, growth hormones and genetic engineering, Completely natural, raw, great-tasting foods inspired by traditional, wholesome recipes.
  • Ethical foods: We are committed to supporting human and ecological health. There is nothing artificial in any of our foods.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Our products are suitable for vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low-calorie, keto and clean-eating diets.

Why eat fermented or cultured foods?

Fermented and cultured foods retain the good bacteria and multitude of health benefits that are found in raw foods. During the processes that take place during mass-production much of the goodness that exists in raw foods is lost.
Fermented and cultured foods use traditional methods to promote the growth of the good bacteria that our gut and immune system needs. By eating tasty, vegetable-rich fermented and cultured foods we can ensure that our gut maintains the right balance of good bacteria.
Fermented foods include: yogurt, kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut, miso and aged cheese.
Our handcrafted cultured condiments, such as our traditional sauerkraut, can be eaten with snacks, meals or as a quick treat on their own.